Friday, September 25, 2009


Just a quick update. I'm about to go see Mom before I'm off for a weekend in Canada. I've talked to her already today and she's been told she can come home on Monday! Yay! The plan is I will come pick her up around 10:00 Monday morning. Right away I was concerned about all the stairs in the house. There isn't a way for her to get from either the front door or the back door with out encountering a climb or a descent. But she assured me she can tackle stairs.

"Really? You can go up and down stairs already? That's so quick!" I was excited when she told me. I asked her, "Is it silly of me to be so excited that you can do that already?" She laughed and told me I was being cute about it and she appreciated it.

All week she's been telling me she thought they'd keep her through next week, but apparently she's doing better than she thought. And better than I thought she'd be doing at this point. I need to stop measuring how far along she should be by how far along she was when she broke her hip. This has proven to be an easier affair. It's still work, but it's so encouraging to know she's at this point already.

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Me, Mandi and Mom in Athens, Greece