Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pimp Mom's Walker

I had a quick stop to the rehab center to visit Mom today. She's asked me to stop by a few times now to bring her clothing and each time I seem to get it wrong. She, of course, wonders why I'm unable to read her mind by now. Today I brought a big bag with a variety of things and thankfully she was satisfied.

She was in a hurry today because I showed up just before her physical therapy. While she was prepping to go, her occupational therapist came in the room with few choices of baskets to attach to her walker. She's opting for a wire basket and I took one look at it and knew it needed some style. I threatened plastic flowers, streamers and a bell. I don't think she believes I'll do it, but all it'll take is a stop to a store or two and some glue. I'm good with glue.

As we walked to the physical therapy room, I was pleased to see how quickly and nimbly she seems to be moving already. I remarked as such and she sort of laughed at me in disbelief. Yet she seems very determined to get her mobility back. She slid one foot in front of the other down the hallway and I noticed the yellow tennis balls that were stuck onto the bottom of her walker that help it slide better. When Mom broke her hip years ago she had a walker that was fixed up just the same. At the time, we had a black lab named Demo whose most favorite toy in the whole wide world was yellow tennis balls. He had little interest in any other kind of ball, but if it was bright yellow and fuzzy, he was all over it. He even knew the sound a tube of tennis balls made when it was popped open and he would come running. When Mom had that walker, he was so confused. He would stare and stare and stare at the balls. He never tried to play with them, he just stared intently for long periods of time. I reminded Mom of this and she let out a great laugh. I love making her laugh.

We exchanged hugs and kisses and she went into the PT room. She's going to be strong in no time!


  1. Ha. isn't that amazing that people still use these cut tennis balls for those walkers? My dad used one for a while too, and I always thought, why hasn't somebody come up with an alternative to the tennis balls.. humm!! Glad to hear she is feeling better..



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